Terms and conditions

General terms

  • Minimum 22 years of age
  • Minimum 2 years of driving experience
  • ID card or passport and driver`s license are required
  • Deposit is mandatory for all vehicles

Lease duration

The minimum rental duration is 1 day (24h). The pick up and return time must be the same, with a tolerance of 60 minutes delay. Upon the expiry of this delay, a new rental day will be charged. If the renter shortens the contracted rental period, Easy Car Rent Belgrade reserves the right to charge penalties. The extension of the lease must be reported timely and can only be extended if the employee allows it. The rental price is determined based on the number of contracted days.

Payment and deposit

When you rent a car with us, the deposit is mandatory and it is equal to 200 EUR. It can be deposited either with a credit card of by cash. This is of course Your money, and it is returned to You when You return the vehicle.

Vehicle pick-up and drop-off

The vehicle can be picked up and returned at Nikola Tesla Airport, and it is possible to deliver or return a vehicle outside the office (hotel, home address, company etc.) with the possibility of appropriate extra charge depending on the location and time in question. For the downtown, New Belgrade area and airport delivery is free of charge. Easy Car Rent offers the possibility of renting and returning vehicles even outside working hours, but at an extra charge.

The client is responsible for the costs of spent fuel – gasoline. The fuel that is missing, after returning the vehicle, is charged 2 euros per liter, at the middle exchange rate of NBS. When picking up and returning a vehicle, it is mandatory to sign a vehicle condition form. We always advise and suggest that you, together with our employee, inspect the vehicle well. The customer receives the vehicle in the correct condition with all the related accessories and vehicle documents. The vehicle is picked up / returned washed, technically correct and without damage, according to the vehicle condition record. If the car is not washed 500.00 RSD is charged. Without the consent of the Easy Car, customer must not make any changes to parts, assemblies or devices on the vehicle.

Insurance limitations, prohibitions and unauthorized vehicle management

It is PROHIBITED to travel with a rented vehicle to countries that the insurance company does not cover with its insurance: Kosovo, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It is forbidden to operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In these cases, insurance is NOT VALID – the customer is charged the full amount of damage / theft. The rented vehicle can only be operated by a person who is registered as a driver in a rental agreement. It is possible to enroll up to two additional drivers, with the approval of Easy Car, when renting out the vehicle. It is forbidden to drive the leased vehicle by an unauthorized persons, i.e. persons not listed in the lease agreement. In these cases, insurance is NOT VALID – the customer is charged the full amount of damage / theft.

All vehicles have Basic insurance of auto liability as well as Kasko insurance policy (95% coverage, mandatory 5% participation). This insurance DOES NOT COVER the damage caused to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, damage to the undercarriage, broken and / or lost key, lost or damaged traffic license and insurance card for abroad, CD player, GPS device, damage caused by filling up the wrong type of fuel and any other damage done knowingly or negligently. All listed damages will be charged in full amount from the customer. The vehicles are under warranty and it is strictly forbidden to do any repairs or replace any parts of the vehicle. In the event of a malfunction call the Easy Car Rent Agency immediately to arrange further steps.

Procedure in case of accident, damage or theft of the vehicle:

The client is obliged to act as follows:

  • Immediately notify the police and Easy Car Rent about the event and act according to their instructions.
  • To write down the data on other participants in an accident / event.
  • To fill in an accident / damage report when returning a vehicle.
  • The client is under obligation to draft a European Accident Report in case of so-called “minor damages” – when the damage is less than 500,00 euros, write a brief statement and describe the cause and circumstances under which the accident occurred.
  • To write a brief statement describing the causes and circumstances in which the accident / damage occurred.
  • Easy Car Rent is not required to provide a replacement vehicle if the customer damages the vehicle by his or her own fault.

Other important terms and rules

  • The mileage limit is 200 kilometers (125 miles) per day. Each kilometer traveled beyond this limit is charged additionally 0.10€ per km.
  • Crossing the border of the Republic of Serbia is possible only with the permission of Easy Car Agency.
  • In case of damage to the vehicle, the deposit is retained until the official report of the insurance company is received.
  • Spent fuel is fully paid by the renter, and the renter is obliged to deliver fuel receipts in the event of a failure of the vehicle fuel display.
  • Personal belongings and luggage are not insured and we do not recommend such items being kept in the car when parked.
  • Traffic offenses and penalties as well as parking tickets during lease period, in accordance with violation of traffic regulations of the Republic of Serbia, are the sole responsibility of the leaseholder. The leaseholder is obliged to get acquainted with the Law on traffic of the Republic of Serbia or the Law on traffic of the country he travels to using a car from Easy Car Agency